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The company

ApplePie Design was founded in 2006 in Belgium. The aim of the project was to create, develop and bring to the market a collection of high quality wall stickers. These stickers should be made of the best available material and the designs should be classy and timeless.

Today, ApplePie Design is present in twenty countries and the products are available in more than 150 shops. Each month, new retailers are added to the list of our partners.

ApplePie Design is a small company, very reactive and conscious that the value is, above all, in the relationships.

The brand

What is the style of your interior, ApplePie Design brings always the right complement.

The collection are huge and varied going from the more classical design to the more trendy one. The goal is clearly to inspire the customer and to lead him to “imagine his home”.

Traditional or more audacious, our designs fit perfectly any situation. The wide standard number of reference allow us to say that even the more original home interior designer can found the piece that will make the difference in his project.

The collection are separated into major categories built to fit different consumer segment.

Full time designers work continuously to extend the collection with new designs. In addition some guest designer are invited to create special series.

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