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The product

ApplePie Design's wall decorations are produced in a mat, ultra thin and semi-permanent vinyl sticker. They are placed by transfer (like de decals of our childhood) hence you can stick them yourself without any problem. Those wall stickers affix on most smooth surfaces and can be removed without leaving any residues. All designs can be produced in different sizes (we offer standard sizes from 10cm until 180cm but everything is possible...) and in more than 40 colors.


The standard products of ApplePie Design exist in 6 different sizes. Those sizes are calculated on basis of the design’s maximal length (horizontal or vertical) and are approximate.

  • XXS different little designs on A4 (20 cm* 30 cm / 7.8” * 11.8’’)
  • XS 30 cm / 11.8’’
  • S 50 cm / 1’7.7’’
  • M 80 cm / 2’7.5’’
  • L 120 cm / 3’11.2’’
  • XL 180 cm / 5’10.9’’
From 2 m / 6’6.7’’ and for all other non standard format, ask for an estimate by phone on +32.2.356.32.83 or by mail


All designs can be ordered in “mirror” image. The design will be created from a symmetry of the vertical axis. In the catalog, you’ll find the basis references in the “normal” sense.


In order to allow you to test our colors in your interior, color testers are available (format 10cm * 10cm /3.9’’ * 3.9’’). They are produced in the same vinyl as used for the designs. Hence, it gives you the possibility to test your surface. The color testers are charged at 2€ each. You are kindly requested to write down the chosen colors on the order bulletin.
The available colors are presented in pdf. on following color pallet.

To apply

The application is very simple. Just follow the instructions given in attached document. The wall decorations can be affixed on most surfaces (painted walls, wood, glass, plastic). For an optimal result, make sure that the surface is clean and dry, and that the painting has been done properly (basis layer + paint layer). For more complicated projects, we can realise the application on demand. If you want to remove your wall decoration, we advice you to gently heat the sticker with a hair dryer. This will release the glue and make it easier to peel off.

To order

To order, you are kindly required to fill in the order form, sign it and send it back

  • per mail : order[at]applepiedesign[dot]be  
  • per fax : +32 2 356 32 83
  • per post : 6, Kerkstraat, 1640 St-Genesius-Rode

Design Advice

If you are lacking of inspiration, ApplePie Design can make you personalised proposals. Send us a picture of your chosen room or wall per mail. Describe also shortly the atmosphere that you want to create. This service will be charged at a fix amount of 15€ / 12£ /23 $. If you order the design, the amount will be cancelled.

Contact us

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information mail info[at]applepiedesign[dot]be or by phone on +32.2.356.32.83

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